Dec 27, 2010

Snowflakes and a few more Disney family photos

Good morning!

Most of the country has snow now, thanks to the huge storm hitting the east coast - now you know how we mid-westerners feel!  lol!  I'm not a big fan of the white stuff but my kids sure are and enjoy getting out there and playing in it.  I must admit that I like snow days just as much as the kids too - love not having to drive out there in the white stuff and being stuck at home.  Now that I work just a couple of blocks from my house, I don't have to worry about the roads when going to work anymore, which is amazing.  I even volunteer to be the last one to leave since I remember all too well how yucky it is to drive home in the dark when the roads are nasty... YUCK!

Anyway, on to my card for the day.  I used another Unity stamp set and went super simple with this one.  I really liked how the patterned paper looked to me like the wind blowing, so I just added some snowflakes to the paper and called it a day with a big bow and a sentiment.

Here's the inside of the card - a bit more 'scrappy' than the outside...

On Christmas day, right after we opened presents, Brad got sick... doesn't that stink!  The kids played with their toys and I watched them and dozed off for a bit on the couch, which was pretty nice.  After a light lunch, I hopped on the computer and started digging through our Disney World photos and began the big job of editing them and deciding which ones I was going to get printed.  I thought I'd share a few more of them here with you - I hope you don't mind.


Here we are in front of the huge Christmas tree at the Wilderness Lodge just before supper our first night at Disney.  I was still not feeling the best (after being sick the entire week before we left) but thankfully the medicine was helping me quite a bit.

After Supper we headed to Epcot to view the fireworks and walk around.  We got our picture taken by our camera here - although it's not the best photo because of the blurriness, I really like it.

The next morning, we woke up and headed to Animal Kingdom.  Here we are in front of the huge Christmas tree at the entrance of the park.  We under dressed a bit as it was pretty cold (like in the 40s) in the morning and didn't get much past the upper 50s all day.  This was the only time we wore shorts the entire time we were in Disney... lol!

We spent the day exploring the park, standing in lines for Ashley to get her autograph book filled with character's signatures and posing for photos such as this one... LOVE it!

I decided to not be a brat this time at Disney and hand the camera over to Brad to let myself be in the photos a bit more as well as not be stuck behind the lens the entire visit.  And, I'm glad I did because Brad got some great photos.  I rarely like myself in photos (but let's face it - who does, right?) but I'm learning to get over that and lighten up a bit about all that and am so thankful for all the group family shots we got this time at Disney.

I have tons more photos to share, but I think that's enough for today!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones.  Brad is feeling better and I have a couple days off from work; the kids are thrilled with their gifts and may even be headed to grandma's house for a day or two... so, all is well at the Fick house!  Holiday hugs to you!


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Tina said...

LOVE the card!! The colors rock! OMGosh...that Ashley has quite the expressions!!! LOL


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