Feb 18, 2014

The best pencil sharpener in the world. {seriously}

Hi there!

I have a product review to share with you tonight on an amazing tool I used daily in my classroom.

This summer I was thrilled to get a product that is near and dear to every teacher out there... a new pencil sharpener!  But, trust me - this isn't just any pencil sharpener - it seriously is the best one I've ever used.

Why?  Two words: it works.  
No more broken leads, stuck in the sharpener.  Always sharpens to a VERY sharp point.  Every time.  No fail.


I love it so much, that I keep it on my desk, exactly as shown in the photo.  Open and ready to be used - which I do on a daily basis in my K-1st grade classroom.  It's easy enough for the students to use it, but I usually do it for them because they are 5 and 6 year olds, after all and let's face it - it's just quicker that way.

At the beginning of the year, I took the time to sharpen each students' supply of colored pencils and regular pencils.  It took no time at all and because it literally only takes a few turns of the handle and the lead is sharpened to a very sharp point. 

Both my students and I have been very pleased!

It's super easy to use.  You can have it free standing, like I have or you can buy a clamp to keep it in one place.  I don't want to clamp mine because my daughter and I like to use it at home too to sharpen all our artist colored pencils we have in our crafting stash!  

As you can see, the clamps hold the pencil in place and with a few quick turns of the handle you get a perfectly sharpened point - every.single.time.  Even on those cheap dollar store pencils - you know the kind that the lead constantly breaks in the electric sharpeners we've used in the past.  

It's amazing.

I have a feeling I'll be purchasing one for me to keep at home permanently because when my daughter used it this summer, she kept it on her art table for a few weeks, hoping I would forget about it. She was rather disappointed that I told her it was for school...lol!

If you're in the market for a pencil sharpener for your crafting tools or even a perfect gift for your child's teacher - this is it.  I promise you (and your teacher friend!) won't be disappointed!

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kiwimeskreations said...

Oh how I wish... - our library has a good sharpener, so I take my pencils there when they need a good tip :-)
p.s. - I don't blame your daughter trying to snaffle it!


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