Feb 22, 2012

Shamrock, lace, and twine = a good thing

I'm excited to share my first 'official' project for The Twinery today.  You can view my post over on their blog HERE if you're interested.

And have you heard the exciting news about The Twinery and Martha Stewart?  Tomorrow (Feb. 23) at 10 am EST our product will be used on the The Martha Stewart Show!  Once the show is over, Nicole is hoping to post the segment to YouTube if it's available... how exciting, right!?  I always KNEW twinery twine was a GOOD THING.  lol!



Monika Wright said...

Such a cute shamrock made with the hearts!

~amy~ said...

incredibly a-dorable Jessica!!!! I finally bought and received a heart die...been wanting one forever!!!! Love how you twined the button...I typically criss cross...love your style.

Amy C said...

Such a sweet card!! I love the lace and twine combination!! ♥


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