Dec 9, 2009

December Blizzard

Good evening!

I wasn't planning on doing a blog post tonight, but because of our snowstorm last night I ended up having some photos to share with my family and friends and thought you may like to see them too! Madison got clobbered (along with many other cities in the Midwest) with our first winter storm of the winter season. All told, everyone in this area received at least 16+ inches of HEAVY wet snow that made for some beautiful photos, but tons of back breaking work cleaning it up!

My photos are at the end of my post after this card I decided to share that I made with Theresa's Life is Good stamp set. I shared it during the release party and thought it would be perfect to share tonight - you'll see why when you see my first photo.

And, now onto my Snow storm photos - see why I choose the tree image for my card tonight?

The snow was so heavy, tons of it stuck to the houses, trees, bushes, etc. And, it was perfect packing snow for Ashley to try her hand at another snowman....

Brad woke up super early this morning and did the bulk of the shoveling before any of us even woke up. He was out shoveling at 5:00 this morning - can you imagine? Love that guy!

After I made a hearty pancake breakfast for everyone, we all went out to finish off the driveway after the snowplow came through and buried us in. We had also gotten another 3 inches of snow since he had shoveled earlier, so there was plenty for everyone to do.

Ashley lasted about 5 minutes and then she decided it was time to throw some snowballs and work on her snowman while everyone else worked... that's pretty much par for course for this 'baby' in our family! lol!

Isaiah and Brad were troopers because they let her throw snowballs at them until we finished shoveling - and then, it was payback time!

They had a lot of fun playing together - kids LOVE snow, don't they!?

The trees and bushes on the other hand - not so much ... poor tree -

See you tomorrow night for the CSS Recipe blog hop event!


Donna said...

Gorgeous card and perfect for your weather! And great pics but I hope all that snow doesn't break the trees. We didn't get the snow here but we got the HIGH winds which took down several trees in our neighborhood. Although they warned us of power outages we didn't get any, thank the Good Lord, because tonight we;'re supposed to have a minus wind chill. Hope you dig out and everyone there is safe and warm!

Theresa Momber said...

Wowza! I love this card, Jess! I'm getting chills seeing all those photos. Beautiful pics.

Colleen Schaan said...

Your card is stunning!!! Just beautiful.

While all that snow is very pretty, I don't miss the cold and having to shovel it all!! Looks like it was nice and heavy too!!!

Thanks for sharing... I can live vicariously while sitting in my nice warm house. LOL

NinaB said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! We haven't seen it yet here, but soon. Beautiful card, perfect to go with your pics.

Beth S said...

Love your card. We've been lucky so far. Just a couple inches of snow. We've been getting the high winds but the snow has been going around us. Looks like you got the heavy sticky stuff as well.

Payne Holler Cards said...

i think your card is so "cool" (heee heee, pardon the pun!) the pics...hope you didnt lose power!

Rita said...

Hello from Eau Claire...which means I completely understand the mix of emotions with snow days. Beauty and backache all in one! Happy Holidays!

Rita said...

Hello from Eau Claire...which means I completely understand the mix of emotions with snow days. Beauty and backache all in one! Happy Holidays!

Lori said...

beautiful card and photos!

Lagene said...

Your card are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

TexasGrammy said...

I love the way you've doubled the tags, Jessica! And WOW! Your "inspiration" is jaw-dropping! How on earth are y'all getting around up there! I must show these pics to DH ... he's originally from MI, but we try not to travel North during "these" times! LOL


craftieodmae said...

WOW, look at all that snow. I would die if we ever got that in the wolrd? Anywho, I love your card and yes it goes right along with that weather. Y'all stay warm and healthy!


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