Jun 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!

We've had a quiet day today - letting Brad do what he loves the most... watching Nascar and Formula One racing uninterrupted and getting a nap. I'm just about to get supper started, but thought I'd pop in quick and share a few fun things that we recently added to 'family.'

First, up is Brad's Father's Day gift - a Garmin Edge 705 GPS for his Bicycle! He has been eyeing this baby for awhile now, so when the two of us got away for a trip to Milwaukee together on Friday, I bought it for him at one of the Bicycle shops we stopped at...
I'm so glad that we found it and got a fairly good deal on it! He's such a great guy and I'm so thankful that he's my kid's father. They definitely have a great dad!!

And, if there is any doubt about how great he is, check these next photos out...

Yep, that's my Copic marker collection! Can you tell it's grown a little from the last time? We stopped at Creative Pals in Milwaukee and I bought a couple of more markers there on Friday. The kids had a playdate/sleepover scheduled, so we headed out for a day trip and hit some stores in Milwaukee and even ate at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Yummy! Of course, we brought some cheesecake home and have been enjoying that yummy goodness for desserts! You have to savor those treats, so we try to see whose piece can last the longest! lol!

I decided that my longaberger lazy susan basket wasn't good enough for all my markers, because I wanted to sort them by color family and that wasn't really do-able in it. So, I stopped at Michaels on Saturday and picked up this Making Memories lazy susan that I've been eyeing for months now.

I love it! I have my Copic grey markers in my longaberger basket in the dividers that came with it. The drawers underneath are really small, so I put little odds and ends in them. The middle section is really deep, so I put a couple of layers of bubble wrap and some chipboard to raise it up above the other sections. Then, I cut another piece of chipboard to divide the reds and purples in the middle. I think you can see it better in this photo...

Any husband that lets his wife buy Copic markers whenever she wants is a GEM, right!? He teases me all the time about how I'm a 'certified' colorer... so I have to have as many colors as I can get for my 'degree' - right!? lol!

Previews for the new GinaK Designs stamps starts tomorrow! I've been working all weekend on the cards and photos of them and can't wait to share everything - so please check back then to see all the new projects!!

Have a great day!


Cathy said...

Hey Jessica: Thanks for sharing your new marker solution. I think this might work for me since I have moved my stamp space downstairs to the unused finished basement. Thanks for the idea, I see them at Michael's all the time and never thought about using them for markers. Thanks so much!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, and what a sweet husband, copics and sweets in one day :)

Brenda said...

Well you lucky girl!!! I agree you do have a sweet husband. I am jealous of all of your wonderful markers. I have a quite a few, but nowhere near that many. Thank you for the storage idea, I will keep in in mind as my collection grows.

Nancy Jensen said...

I am drooling over all your copics! What a great idea for storage, too. Can I come and borrow some? LOL j/k... I'm sure you live too far away. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing me that lazy susan. It's just what I've been looking for. I'm going today to see if Michaels still have some.


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