Jul 14, 2008

Prairie du Chien

We had a great time on our Mississippi Boat ride on Saturday! The weather was perfect and we were able to see quite a few eagles!

Ashley was so adorable with her binoculars! She was looking very intently for any kind of wildlife she could see.
Ashley loves stuffed animals. She switches her favorites daily - you never know which one she'll choose on any given day. Saturday, it was her tickle me Elmo. Brad thought it was funny to have Elmo looking through the binoculars too!

Do you see that red neck of mine! OUCH! Yes, I got pretty sun burned on Saturday!
Isaiah hung out inside the boat because the wind and sun was bothering his eyes a little.

Unfortunately we didn't get any really great shots of the eagles we saw... so I'll leave you with Ashley's favorites: the ducks!

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